Dyno tuning and diagnostics

One of our strengths at TDi North is our ability to diagnose and fault-find on cars relatively quickly and efficiently and this comes from having staff with in depth knowledge of electrical and electronic control systems coupled with years of experience of working within the automotive industry and access to the latest diagnostics equipment available.

We are also renown for our remapping of ECU’s which is carried out on our in-house 4WD dyno facility. We have specialised in the Honda and Hondata systems as there is a big market there and word of mouth and reputation keeps a steady stream of cars coming through our doors and as an example we have had over 950 Honda K20 powered cars in for remapping since the start of 2010 until the summer of 2013. This doesn’t include all older pre 2000 cars or cars running different ECU’s such as Apexi, HKS and AEM’s that we often see on the Hondas but will include a lot of cars that also fit the Honda K20 engines such as the Arial Atoms, Lotus’s and other weird and wonderful conversions.

As well as having a vast experience of working with the Hondata range of products we are also familiar with other ECU systems such as AEM EMS and EMS2, AEM FIC, Apexi PFC, DTA, Greddy Emanage, Emerald, Gems, Link, Omex, HKS Fcon S, iS and Vpro’s, Uprev, Ecutec and Syvecs.

ECU remapping starts for £350 for a full dyno tune and once we have the base calibrations for the setup if any further changes are made and adjustments are necessary you won’t need a full remap again, work is just charged at our dyno rate of £80+vat per hour.

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