Custom Fabrications

We carry out all of our fabrication work in-house often on custom made jigs. High quality Aluminium and steel TIG welding including turbo and NA manifolds, intercooler and charge-coolers, boost pipes, downpipes, intake kits as well as full exhaust systems. We have developed our own "Street" Turbo kits for various Honda B series F20 and k20 motor platforms which enable still fully functioning heaters and aircon systems if fitted unlike many other commercially available kits. “Race” turbo kits are also available but you may loose some creature comforts…. Because "Race car"

We have been pushing the boundaries of performance with both our own and our customer’s projects since day 1.

Often working with products from overseas suppliers, specific component parts such as turbo or supercharger conversion kits often had to be modified or altered to work on the UK / RHD cars - it was quite often parts would be designed for European / US cars - all being LHD of course. This was bumping up the cost of a conversion considerably. The other option was a ‘JDM’ kit, inaccurately sized systems causing excessive exhaust back pressure, poor quality design and construction, inefficient and ultimately damaging to the Honda engine.

In 2011, we expanded into our own fabrication department and took on development of the Honda K20 based Turbocharger conversion kits.  Our goals were simple: To design and produce a turbo conversion system the proper way, keep it reliable and to keep it affordable.

Having the fabrication facilities in house alongside our workshop and dyno facilities, coupled with working closely alongside UK component suppliers and manufacturers such as Pace products, AET Turbos, Turbosmart and Zircotec, we were able to test and then fine tune the systems offering the very best in efficiency, packaging, heat management and of course, performance. As a result of our development efforts we have what we have proven to be the best all round Turbo conversion systems available for your Honda.

All of our products are hand made, hand TIG welded with pure argon back purge on all stainless steel parts. We outsource CNC laser cutting and machining to local companies that we continue to stand by and we only use materials sourced right here in England.

Having the welding/fabrication facilities in house now allows us to custom make 1 off components and systems for any application. We specialise mainly in stainless steel and aluminium air intake and exhaust systems as we can apply our vast dyno experience into each design.

High flowing track day compliant exhaust systems have been a specialty, custom exhaust manifolds for kit car applications, sport catalyst systems, max performance drag race applications and of course high end Turbo systems, charge coolers, intercoolers, boost pipes etc.


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