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TDi North are a company that represents many of the best suppliers out there as well as top events and venues. Here are just a few that we are proud to say we are associated to.


TDi North are a dealer for the full “Road” range of Quality Premium car care products which we keep in stock and use on our Time Attack car.

Kleers website


TDi North have been an approved Zircotec reseller since 2010. Their range of high performance products are in widespread use at all levels of motorsport including F1, NASCAR, World Rally and Le Mans. We have been trusted suppliers to both F1 and World Rally since 1996 and in the 2011 season their products were used by almost the entire F1 grid. Key product offerings to motorsport are:

  • A range of thermal barrier exhaust coatings to help manage engine compartment temperatures and prevent sensitive components from being damaged by heat
  • Coatings for carbon composite, glass fibre and plastic components to provide protection against heat, fire, wear, abrasion, stone chips, tyre rubber. etc. Our products allow these lightweight materials to be used in applications where they would otherwise be unsuitable. We also provide electrically conductive coatings for EMC protection.
  • A range of flexible ceramic heatshield products, available in various sizes and formats for ease of installation by the customer.
  • Turbocharger coatings to reduce heat loss and increase responsiveness by allowing the turbocharger to spool up more quickly.

Zircotec FAQ’s

Zircotec website


TDi North have worked very closely with Polybush in the past who are a local UK company to us and developed full chassis and motor mount bush kits for the 7th and 8th generation Honda Civic’s.

In 2013 Polybush also sponsored our Time Attack car that was used for the development of the 8th generation kit.

Full kits and fitting is available at our Warrington workshop.


Polybush website

Time Attack

Interview with TDi North before Round 4 at Oulton Park.

TDi North have been involved with Time Attack since its inception back in 2005 when it was originally GT Battle at Rockingham. We have either campaigned our own cars or supported customers who want to run the series. In 2009 Paul west driving a supercharged Civic Type R took top spot winning the FWD class in Sean O’Neils notorious car that had previously been featured on the 10 o’clock news and Crime-watch after being stolen off his drive and used in a bank job in Manchester. On recovering the car it was pretty well damaged needing an engine rebuild and new supercharger so not being deterred the upgrades began... Only for it to be stolen again and used in another robbery. This time the thieves weren’t so lucky and crashed the car.
Decision was made to buy the car back off the insurers and make it into a race car which we did then proceeded to go out and win the championship. Only thing missing off this car was the bullet holes!

Time Attack is an organised event that anyone can enter and gives the car enthusiast a way into motorsport in a safe and friendly environment. You’re not racing people into the same corner so there isn’t the trading paint you see in other forms of motorsport instead it’s you against the clock in a very similar way to F1 qualifying is structured now. You go out and you try to beat the times of other people in your class, the top ones going through to a final session which decides the overall winners for the day. Points are given for qualifying and final finishing positions.

The nice thing about this type of motorsport is its totally unlimited so you’re not restricted to certain sizes of engines, turbos or weights but you can pretty much do what you want. The other great thing is anything you see actually on the car can be fitted to a customer’s car as with our own car. There are not hidden or secret parts with everything available off the shelf.

If you want to get into Time Attack or want more information give us a call or the Time Attack organisers directly here :

Time Attack website

Santa Pod

TDi North have been supporting, building and running customers drag cars for years and 2013 sees us sponsoring the FWD Drag series at Santa Pod.

Santa Pod is the premier UK drag strip and the home of European Drag Racing and host to the televised FIA European Drag Racing Championships. It's the fastest and loudest motorsport on earth with sensational race action from dragsters and door slammers to beetles and bikes.

FWD Drag series link :

Santa Pod website

Hondas on Track

Want to explore the limits of your Honda in a fun, safe, exciting environment? Then Hondas-On-Track is for you!

We welcome all levels of track day driver, from the beginner right through to experienced, with a sensible attitude to driving their cars on track.

HOT is run voluntarily by Honda Enthusiasts for Honda Enthusiasts.

Hondas on Track website

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